The Ultimate Tabletop Wizard

MasterScreen is the ultimate set of tools for running tabletop or online roleplay campaigns and managing intricate fictional worlds. Runs on every device without any downloads. Built by nerds and free for everyone.

Offline First

Only you own your data. We store nothing in the cloud. All your content can be saved as Markdown files on your hard drive.

System Agnostic

Use MasterScreen with any roleplaying system like D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer, or create your own entirely!

Markdown Based

Everything can be saved and edited as plain Markdown files. Use MasterScreen on top of other tools like Obsidian.

Advanced Tech

Unobtrusive, lightweight and familiar interface that can run on any device without any installs or downloads.

Built by Nerds

We know what dungeon masters need, because we run games by ourselves! New features and updates every month.

Entirely Free

Unlimited content and no restrictions: everything is provided free of charge and is supported by the community.

"The best thing that happened to tabletop gaming in a long time."

  • Fully Offline

  • Markdown Support

  • Combat Manager

  • Interactive Maps

  • Effects System

  • Simulated Dice

  • Flexible Templates

  • D&D Presets

  • 3D Battlemap

  • Instant Search

Create functional entries, that can alter other entries. Like a sword that gives +5 to strength to any character that wields it. Or create a full-featured D&D (or any other system) class that unlocks abilities when the character levels up. The possibilities are endless.